A new take on the Starfish Story

Regular readers will know that our vision of creating contacts, building communities, by letting others know when their company would be welcome can be compared to the Starfish Story.

Read the story here, and catch up on some thoughts below on how to make it even more relevant to Coffee Companions and your lives:

Helping get the Starfish back in the see as soon as possible is more important than ever in extreme heat (or cold) – check on a neighbour.
The more people there are helping to save the Starfish the less there is for each individual to do – we can all say hello to someone even if it involves picking up the phone.
The more people there are helping to save the Starfish the less daunting the task ahead – a problem shared is a problem halved.
Once you know how to help a Starfish it gets easier and easier to make a difference – see if you can find a new person to share a hobby, skill or asset with.
Would you walk away from beach of stranded starfish or dolphins? Stand still for 2 mins before rushing past someone then smile at them.
Wouldn’t it be great if the starfish could help each other? Humans can but don’t – they must think we are mad.
If you were a starfish would you want someone to help you?
The starfish didn’t ask to be on the beach. Recent bereavement or redundancy, moving to a new job or home, being at home with a new baby or elderly relative are situations we can all face, sometimes unexpectedly.

Throwing thousands of starfish into the sea would be hard work and, given this doesn’t happen in my home town, I would have to find the money to travel and take the time to find them. Saying hello to a neighbour, smiling at a passer by, or picking up the phone to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while is a much easier way to make a difference.