About Us

We are a Social Enterprise that has been set up to create contacts and build healthy communities, by letting others know when their company would be welcome – starting with a cup of coffee.

Our founder, Caroline Billington, noticed how many people sit alone in coffee shops often hiding behind their newspapers, phones or computers. When discussing this with others the common phrase that came back was ‘yes, but I don’t want to intrude.’ Of course there will be times when even ‘hello’ and a smile won’t be welcome but other times you wonder whether that person over there might have interesting stories to tell, thoughts or information to share, and even be a new best friend. Having realised that the obvious solution was for everyone to become mind readers she quickly realised that this was going take a while to arrange – Chat Mats seemed like a much easier idea and Coffee Companions was born.

Coffee Companions has been set up as a Social Enterprise because Caroline strongly believes that this is about cultural change and not profit or charity. We hope that everyone everywhere will join in, although maybe not every day. At least now you have a way of letting people know when you feel like a chat with your coffee.