Caritas is the social action agency of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Portsmouth. We want to be a charity that is looking outwards to reach out to all irrespective of religion, age, race, sexual identity or whatever. We are connected to the international Caritas movement via Caritas Europa and Caritas Internationalis and run projects for homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, social isolation etc.

Here we are linking up with Coffee Companions to reach out to those who might be feeling a bit isolated and would just like to talk to someone. We know that there is a time and place to be alone but we all need human contact and conversation to thrive. Everyone has something to share and is it not in those encounters with others, often over a cup of tea or coffee that we feel a sense of self worth and esteem? However as it can be difficult to make that first step, a fear of intruding, using your Caritas Chat Mat is an easy way to gently show others you would like a chat or to be left alone with your thoughts. So come on, take up the Caritas invitation and get down to your local coffee shop for some engaging conversation. If you would like to get in touch or have some good stories to share, send us an email: