Get Involved

Spreading the word about our Chat Mats will create more contacts when they are wanted.

Use your Chat Mat so others know when to join you or when to respect your privacy.

If you have any spare Chat Mats give them to new and old friends or perhaps share the link to our FREE downloadable Chat Mats.

Look out for others using green Chat Mats then go and join them.

We are looking for Chat Champions who want to spread the word more widely in their community – get it touch and we can help. Mandy from Gillingham, Dorset has been getting to know her local coffee outlets and meeting with neighbours to launch Coffee Companions in their area – read more.

You can print our leaflet to share with friends an explain more about Coffee Companions.

Engage with us on social media – we would love to see a picture of where you are using your #ChatMats because #ChatMatters.

As a group you may want to buy Chat Mats your members can use when you are not together – they may make new friends and even find you new members. You may be a book group or even a group of carers/befrienders – anyone that wants to help build stronger communities or create conversations over coffee.

Some locations welcome hosts or a core group attending their Companions Hours – approach a local venue and see about them providing a base for your members and others.

Our bulk disposable Chat Mats can be customised to show that a particular group is supporting Coffee Companions in a particular community. We can even provide a specific web page within our site to explain more about the groups normal activities or services and why they are supporting the community. Contact us to explore your ideas and discuss how we can meet your needs – we are a social enterprise that simply looks to cover our costs so it might not be as expensive as you think.

Our registered locations typically identify a time that is normally quiet to offer a Companions Hour – a chance for new customers, and old, to explore your menu while they meet each other and have a chat. Companions Hour can provide a focus for publicity using materials we provide alongside your own thoughts and ideas. Are you:

  • a coffee shop who wants to be an active part of your community and get more customers?
  • a pub/restaurant offering coffee and that would give new friends a chance to stay on for a meal if they fancy it?
  • a supermarket or garden centre with a café where customers could enhance their experience by sharing it with others?
  • a museum, theatre or other place of interest where visitors who discuss their experience might then stay longer to see something they hear they have missed, or visit another of your locations that sounds interesting?
  • a leisure centre with a café which users could visit after a class, make new friends and so be more likely to attend more often?
  • anywhere else where people get together and might like to know who would welcome a chat.

Sign up and register here.

Hospitals, workplaces and others can order Chat Mats for use by their staff and others.

It can help new employees identify which groups welcome new faces during lunch and encourage staff from across departments to mix more freely. You may already have heard of Randomised Coffee Trials – Chat Mats provide a less structured alternative.

Linking to local venues might help those that have moved house to join you, or who are seconded from another geography, to create connections outside of work too. This will enhance your reputation as a local employer and contribute to the well-being of your staff.

Waiting for appointments in any environment can be stressful and we all deal with the stress in different ways. Chat Mats provide a way to let others know whether talking is a helpful or not.