Gorillas and Chat Mats

Having written before about how easy ‘chat’ is to learn it’s time to recognise the one consistent challenge that speakers encounter – being ‘heard’.

Not only is a Chat Mat silent but its size is designed to fit into a pocket and placed on a table rather than be 6 foot tall and unmissable.

Watch this video and see if you would pass the test?

Didn’t see the gorilla? So how do we expect people to see a Chat Mat on a table? We could increase the size but we don’t want to embarrass people and even at 6 foot tall it appears people might not see it. We would like everyone to speak chat so a) it becomes normal then b) before sitting down everyone looks around for the green Chat Mat (unless they are seeking peace and want to go to their own table with a red Chat Mat of course). If we are looking for the Chat Mats we will see them and the new language will be fully integrated into our everyday ways of communicating.

One last thought, for those that think that making it big is the answer – we know of a location that is going to have one table that is permanently green – the place to go to say ‘hello’.