Highlights from our recent Coffee Companions conversations

As I spread the word about Coffee Companions I am troubled by the number of people who seem resigned to being in their own world without the benefits that connection can bring. Every conversation I have had has been rewarding and I believe has left the other person/people feeling the same.

I hope that the following snippets of conversations from the last couple of weeks will inspire others to start seeing what they can find out about their community and the individuals within it.

– Two occasional visitors to the town knew about the theatre but not the alternative arts venue. They in turn told me that a tea shop I walk past most days is also a noodle bar.

– A lady that regularly takes boating holidays on the canal warned me that being tall, the biggest challenge I would face was fitting into the toilets!

– A lady waiting for her husband to finish his language class told me all about the local language school, the range of languages they teach and how they teach adults and children alike through fun games.

– Having taken some excess rhubarb to a regular Companions Hour I was given some new ideas of how to use it.

– Last but not least there have been people that have so fully engaged with the concept during our conversation that they have asked to take a handful of Chat Mats away with them to share with friends and colleagues – at the WI, through the library, in the office, via their daughter’s care home, on the bus, or with their local coffee shop in their home town.

Over time more people will realise that there is a solution to the fact that we aren’t mind readers and how much fun it can be to connect with others ‘in real life’. In the meantime I am delighted to report that there is a great world out there, maybe just outside your front door, waiting to be discovered.