Use Your Chat Mat – for those that aren’t mind readers

We recognise everyone’s right to peace, quiet and privacy but we also want talking to become a normal part of having a cup of coffee and would encourage anyone to use a Chat Mat anywhere, any time.

Whether you are an individual, couple, or part of a group use the green side, with its ‘Say Hello’ message to encourage others to join you. Use the red side, which says ‘Not today’, for days when you just want to people watch, read your book or otherwise be undisturbed.

Anyone can use their Chat Mat anywhere at any time. And we really do mean anywhere: a coffee shop, a pub/restaurant serving coffee, a hospital coffee shop, the café at your local leisure centre, a workplace canteen, the supermarket café, the restaurant at a local museum or attraction.

Wherever you have your cup of coffee you, or others, may want a chat (or privacy). Whether you are a new mother, newly retired, someone who has recently moved to the area or someone that would be happy to talk to any such person then you can use your green Chat Mat and look out for those using theirs.

If someone isn’t using a Chat Mat either they don’t mind or they don’t yet have a Chat Mat – why not ask them? This might be a fun conversation in its own right – read, watch and listen to one journalists experience. Tell us your own experiences via our social media channels or by contacting us direct.

We know that some people would prefer to go somewhere offering a more gentle introduction – you can find a registered location with a Companions Hour near you.