We had to share this story…

This morning I needed a break from my computer and went and had coffee in a café so that I could do some work and observe how things were going in participating coffee shops at the same time.

A gentleman had asked one of the staff if Companions Hour was definitely happening and they pointed him towards me to check. We got to talking more widely about his circumstances and how lonely he was and he felt he could ‘really benefit from coming along’. I talked to him for a bit longer and he apologised for holding me up and taking up my time. My response was, ‘Not at all, you’re reminding why I do what I do – its really helpful’ – that was when he started to weep. We hear so much about the importance of making people feel valued and that simple comment from me had a profound impact on him.

There was lots of other potential learning from my visit but I hope this will inspire you to join us in tackling isolation – helping one starfish at a time.